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Porcelain Tile Cleaning – Richmond, Surrey

Porcelain tile cleaningThis Porcelain tiled floor in Richmond, Surrey was only one year old but had an on-going problem of dirty grout lines.

Due to the nature of most Porcelain tiles not needing to be sealed, the grout lines almost always get forgotten. Without a seal on the grout, soil will penetrate and make it very hard to clean.

Initially, we cleaned the grout with a high alkaline cleaner. This was done by hand as it gives the best result for recessed grout. After we were happy that all of the soil had been rinsed away, we allowed 24 hours for the tiles and grout to dry.

The following day, we applied a seal to the grout lines only as the Porcelain was a factory fully sealed tile and would naturally repel any soil or spills etc.

The floor is now easy to maintain as soil will not penetrate  into the grout.

Porcelain tiles are very easy to maintain and do not need as much attention as natural stone. As long as the grout lines are sealed then day-to-day maintenance should be quite simple.

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