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Travertine Floor Cleaning Company – Teddington, Middlesex

Travertine_floor_teddington_fryTravertine Floor Cleaners.

This tumbled Travertine floor in Teddington, Middlesex needed a deep clean and re-seal. Being a high traffic area, it was heavily soiled as the sealer was no longer giving any protection.

We used a high alkaline chemical with a heavy rotary scrubbing machine to get deep into the pores. The slurry was then rinsed away with a power wash system which sprays a jet of water onto the surface and is vacuumed away at the same time.

We allowed the Travertine floor 24 hours to dry out then returned to seal the floor the next day.

2 coats of solvent based impregnator sealer was applied to help protect against spillages and soil. It also makes maintenance easier in the future.

If you are interested in talking to us about Travertine floor Cleaning or any on-going maintenance program, please give us a call. We not only service Teddington, Middlesex, but surrounding areas as well.



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