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Travertine Floor Cleaning – Walton on Thames, Surrey

Travertine floor cleaned and polishedThis 10 year old Travertine floor was restored to it’s original colour and lustre. The sealer had broken down over the years and allowed soil to penetrate the stone. The natural shine had diminished in the traffic areas and needed to be re-polished.Firstly, we deep cleaned the floor with a high alkaline cleaning chemical and a rotary scrubbing machine. The grout lines were all cleaned by hand.

Following the initial clean, we re-surfaced the Travertine floor using our Diamond Abrasive pad system. The pads grind a fine layer from the surface of the stone, removing stains, scratches and etch marks. After this stage, the Travertine is either ready to be sealed, if a matt finish is required, or machine polished to a mirror finish.

On this occasion, our customer chose a polished finish as this was how the stone was originally supplied. As you can see from the pictures, the Travertine is now restored to it’s original beauty.

Finally, a solvent based impregnator sealer was applied to protect the stone and make day-to-day maintenance much simpler.

Travertine is naturally a hard stone but over time the surface will become dull due to etching from acidic chemicals and daily traffic. Once the stone has been resurfaced and polished, daily maintenance will become much simpler.

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